New Generation Green Sites;

  1. Great solution for normal usage as permanent base station,
  2. Great solution for mobile base station,
  3. Both usage as on-greed and off-grid,
  4. Brief details for 2,5KW base station system; 
    • 20 pcs 250Wh solar panel,
    • 5KW Green Gen-Set,
    • 48V 600Ah NTB battery group (12,5 hours autonomy, insufficient Sun ray situation during 12,5 hours later Green Gen-Set will be on to supply load and battery, after charging the battery the Green Gen-Set will be off till 12,5 hours or sufficient Sun ray ),​
  5. CAPEX saving, nearly %50 saving on PV array according to the conventional solution,  
  6. OPEX saving. Huge capacity and long life with NTB battery systems,
  7. OPEX saving. Low oil consumption by Green Gen-Set,
  8. OPEX saving. Durable solution and low maintenance costs, 
  9. OPEX saving. Light weight and small area usage with ETIDOK,
  10. OPEX saving. Rapid on-air.